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Buzzfeed Community Post: Traveler's, You Are Guilty of These Double Standards

Travelers are usually known for being pretty open to the rest of the world. They try different cuisines, enjoy their own degree of cultural clashes, venture on and off the beaten path while simultaneously surrounding themselves with disparate dialects and languages. Instagram, Facebook videos, and travel blogs make travelers seem pretty damn adventurous. What about when they are at home?

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Asia Goes to Asia: 6 Things That Amazed Me About China Vlog

Interview: Shenzhen’s “O.G.” JR Fog

Shenzhen's music scene. Originally posted on

It’s pretty common for non-Chinese speaking ex-pats and visitors to describe Shenzhen’s music scene as blasé. Forty years in the making is a lot different from China’s thousand-year-old cities proudly displaying its distinct cultures. And unless you’re Anthony Bourdain, fluent with the language, or really in with the party scene you might never see anything past the commercial places and heavily promoted international music festivals.
After stumbling upon South China’s rapper JR Fog and getting in touch with him through a random online encounter with a mutual acquaintance, I was excited to hear a local’s perspective about Shenzhen’s hip-hop scene over the years so we met up at Hawa, a grungy Western bar down the street from the famous hip-hop club, Public.

Huo “JR Fog” Jia Sun, 27, has been rapping for a decade. He’s won Most Potential Rapper at China’s First Annual Hip Hop Awards in 2008 and in 2009 received Best Rap So…

Shenzhen’s Music Scene: Shady Monkey Hip Hop

An interview with a Shenzhen-based hip-hop group that's changing minds about hip-hop. Originally posted on After the interview with DJ Mefaun Rice scratched the surface of Shenzhen’s hip-hop scene, I remembered my second sighting of hip-hop subsequent to my arrival (the first was a b-boy practicing in Lizhi Park), it was in the form a flyer being passed around group chats on WeChat. The promotional was for a Shady Monkey Hip Hop party. Months later, I saw the third hip-hop sighting and it was SMHH again asking for people to join the shooting of their music video parodying  O.T. Genasis’ “CoCo” called “I’m in love with the Baijiu”. If you don’t know what baijiu is, it’s a Chinese liquor that’s not for the faint hearted. So, I met up with two members of Shady Monkey Hip Hop at a fancy wine and dine spot called, SHARK in Futian’s CoCo Park. Group member  Maffiuletti “DJ Mafio” Alessandro, 43, was supposed to perform later in the evening, so 29-year-old Ahmad “MC Skezz…

Shenzhen's Music Scene: My Interview with DJ Mefaun Rice

ShenZhen Music Scene: DJ Mefaun Rice

Originally posted on ThePopBreak.comPhoto by Uliana Ivanova
ShenZhen Music Scene: DJ Mefaun Rice With a cigarette between his forefingers, his smartphone handily placed in front of him on the table and a Venti Starbucks coffee beside it confirming the scheduled meet up, Michael “Mefaun Rice” Hsu sat on the patio of the commercial cafe. His slicked back hair topped the trending all-black attire that donned him and the aura of smoke encircling him matched the chilled yet artistically crafted atmosphere of the OCT LOFT neighborhood in one of ShenZhen’s shore side districts. Mefaun Rice is a DJ with an unconventional style that is trying to influence, introduce, and represent hip-hop in the South China city. After being in Shenzhen for a couple of years, I’ve noticed the young city quickly transform from old to new, new to newer, and continue on despite the 2015 financial crisis the whole country faced. And even though the middle-aged city has garnered …

TESLA what? TESLA who?

A former student named Kyle offered to give me a test drive of a TESLA sudan. I don't have an international driver's license and my friends (Charlie, Tina, and Chalice) who tagged along don't have licenses either so we were automatically passengers.  The moment was fun and and very insightful. I really appreciate the time Kyle took out to show and educate us about TESLA. 
When we first arrived at the store, we were given a lengthy demonstration of a floor-model SUV. My friend Charlie was very inquisitive and kept Kyle busy while my amigas and I tuned into their conversation and occasionally chimed in. I'm rather impressed with the conversation that transpired. I am an amateur to the auto industry (but a quick learner to maintaining my point-A-to-point-B machine), so having Charlie along was a great opportunity to learn even more about TESLA.
The next part of our visit is what you see in the video. Kyle took all of us out on a mini excursion that made us laugh, scream,…